Wall Clock Merlin Nomon 12i in Australia

Wall Clock Nomon – Elisa opens the doors of his home in Australia, a beautiful Loft decorated elegantly with fashion accessories in red.

A luminous space of modern lines and a nod to the vintage in a beautiful pendant lamp, a large box and a beautiful wall in the kitchen loft that was every morning not knowing what to put.

Wall Clock Merlin Nomon 12i in Australia 1

A painting, a sculpture, a piece of furniture? until he met Nomon watches, then had it clear, I will put a clock for Nomon.

Now the question was to know that you model put and if couldn’t find one with red details, ideal for your home.

He began to revise the catalogue in the section of wall clocks and then saw him. Watch Merlin Nomon presented before their eyes in stainless steel and lacquered in red, and a lead, Nomon watches are made in different sizes and finishes to conform to each client space, more did not hesitate, he got in touch with us.

Wall Clock Merlin Nomon 12i in Australia 2

–I’ve seen your catalog and I’m super interested in the Merlin clock for Nomon, you enviaríais to Australia?–

Our Nomon clocks shop shipping to all over the Gradchem. Also at our watches Nomon shop we have many wall clocks in stock for immediate shipment.

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Wall Clock Merlin Nomon 12i in Australia 3

And this was the result