How to Recycle Bicycle Rims to Make Wall Clocks
How to Recycle Bicycle Rims to Make Wall Clocks 1

The art of upcycling, you know, offers multiple advantages as it allows you to give a “new life” to objects without using and otherwise destined to be thrown away. For example, have you ever thought about how you might use the rim of a bicycle in an alternative way?! The following guide will try just […]

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How to Make a Wall Clock with Coffee Cups
How to Make a Wall Clock with Coffee Cups 1

Over a lifetime may happen to meet a dozen mismatched coffee cups, disused or simply put aside. More often than not you know how to use them differently, narrowing the choice to their definitive replacement. Actually you can reuse them for building a wall clock completely original and useful to liven up any kitchen. You […]

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How to Make a Clock with an Old Map
How to Make a Clock with an Old Map 1

In this tutorial, I’ll explain quickly how to make a clock using an old map, we are talking about an object from ancient origins, which is divided into four parts. Can thus be transformed into a genuine watch can mark the minutes and seconds. Through this method, you can spark your imagination on the routes […]

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How to Restore a Grandfather Clock
How to Restore a Grandfather Clock 1

In the seventeenth century Galileo Galilei studied the regularity of the motion of the pendulum. Later, in 1936, was Christiaan Huygens in exploiting this movement area creating an attractive furniture that even today we find in the homes of fans of antiques: the grandfather clock. Over time, however, it is possible that the pendulum will […]

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How to Decorate a Clock Face with Hand-Painted Floral Motif
How to Decorate a Clock Face with Hand-Painted Floral Motif 1

You want to give a touch of originality to the clock of your kitchen or bedroom? Nothing could be simpler. The best way to make an object the more original can you customize it with your own hands. You don’t need to go out and buy something new to give a touch of freshness and […]

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How to Design a Clock in Patchwork
How to Design a Clock in Patchwork 1

A colorful idea to make the dial of a clock in a variety of ways. In this case using fabric scraps and clippings to track twelve sectors schedules within a very nice frame. A creation easy and fun to design that transforms an ordinary object into a real artwork to hang as a picture. I […]

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How to Create a Tile with Clock
How to Create a Tile with Clock 1

It happens very often in periods of boredom that we don’t know how to use productively and useful our allotted time. Thus becomes crucial to be able to do something to replace the idleness that fills our entire days. We can create something with your own hands is definitely one of the best ways to […]

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AsHarold Lloyd Wall Clock
AsHarold Lloyd Wall Clock

This is sometimes due to nothing… In this case three short months. Everyone does not necessarily on the tips of the fingers the cinematographic work of Harold Lloyd, but everyone is this famous scene where you see hanging from the hands of a public clock of the façade of a building in Los Angeles.

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Secret of the Old Clock Dominoes
Secret of the Old Clock Dominoes 1

Are you thirsty for new ideas for your home? If you love to make decorations for your house with your own hands, you will rejoice! You can make a very simple hem ornament, yet useful thing! Who does not need at home to watch!? As we do not want time to run, it is everything dependent, […]

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How to Choose a Wall Clock
How to Choose a Wall Clock 1

Buying a wall clock, it is a matter of taste and favorite. You can not buy this kind of furniture if you had the crush on a particular model. functional or decorative object, the giant pendulum, the old cuckoo clock or are objects that one must possess love.

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Station Clocks
Station Clocks 1

Station Clocks-From The Commission A Timeless Classic The design, the classical station clock wurde1944 designed on behalf of the Swiss Federal Railways from Swiss electrical engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker. Main design requirement was that the clock is easy to read even from further distances. The classical station clock has a white dial with wide black hour […]

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Clocks In The Interior

Agree, not hours today anywhere. And let say “Happy hours are not watching,” not only for business people but also for all of us this accessory is a must. In addition to the practical benefits and hours making an aesthetic touch, sending the taste and character of the owner. Clocks in the interior are of great importance. With […]

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Glass Wall Clock
Glass Wall Clock 1

All the versatility of transparency, all the elegance of tempered glass and all the joy of colors: the many forms of glass wall clocks make them perfect for any style and environment. Be inspired by our site. Glass wall clocks, elegant transparency Time is running, time goes by, but style remains. Nothing conveys more elegance and sophistication of glass […]

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Red Wall Clock Modern
Red Wall Clock Modern 1

Wood, iron, plastic or glass, wall clocks are colored by red and sparkling accessories that give a lively touch to any room in your home. To keep time by combining functionality and style, played on original and captivating contrasts, let yourselves be enthralled by our site! From the red wall clocks: modern details for each room […]

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Designer Wall Clock
Designer Wall Clock 1

Check the time has never been so chic is your new designer wall clock will capture the attention of the whole family, making you arrive on time. Bright colors, eccentric shapes and sizes out of the ordinary to enrich any room of the house with an original news. Designer wall clock: function and style The walls of the […]

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Digital Wall Clock for Home
Digital Wall Clock for Home 1

For a modern living area and complete the digital wall clock is the ideal solution. Versatile and perfect for any room, this accessory allows you to easily view the time due to the large numbers that appear on its screen. A digital wall clock is not limited only to indicate the time, but it is a multifunctional accessory: timer, alarm, […]

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How to Make a Unique Wall Clock
How to Make a Unique Wall Clock 1

If you have a home working mechanism of a broken clock, you can use it to create new on your own unique pattern. You need only magazine clippings, photographs, pieces of cloth and polished board. Glue clipping from a magazine or a favorite photo of thin board. Decorate future clock with beads or glue pieces […]

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Fun Childrens Wall Clocks
Fun Childrens Wall Clocks 1

It’s funny in a home have a clock showing the children when what time. Since the timing of a kid can change the pictures depicting the activity is attached with Velcro and allows easily replaced by others. The hours that remain free, it is possible to leave open circles or use images to choose – […]

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