Medley: a Psp Transparent and Clocks

We are going to round off the week with another of our Potpourri, which, on this occasion, talk of a PSP transparent and two curious clocks.

The Transparent PSP You can see it in the photo and, actually, it is not transparent, they it’s a montage made putting wallpaper on the computer and PSP images taken previously, which achieves this effect more than curious (via Kotaku).

Medley a Psp Transparent and Clocks 1

We follow in the Medley with a rather peculiar wake up, and it is that the Police Scanner Alarm Clock It can give you a few good scares in the morning when you wake up tuning the police station. So you can hear the latest chases, robberies and complaints.

We can also have a more quiet wake up tuning of AM and FM stations. In addition, never us wake up late since it is synchronized with the signal of the National Institute of standards and time of the United States (via Ubergizmo).

Medley a Psp Transparent and Clocks 2

We ended up with a very simple and functional, wake up the Lexon touch screen Clock not carrying buttons that is activated by pressing the glass.  Here at thembaprograms you can get more models of clocks. Another of the curiosities of this watch is that numbers are not formed by straight lines, as in the majority of LCDs, but by small dots (via RedFerret).

Medley a Psp Transparent and Clocks 3