Emvio Is The Connected Clock That Aims To Warn You How Much You Are Stressed

Most of the connected clocks rotate under the same concept: offer us a notification center with what is happening on our phone.

Some include additional functions but we can say that the common denominator of all is to send us short messages with warnings of all kinds. Today we have to talk about one of them, but with a somewhat different concept.

Emvio focuses on a task: let us know when we are very stressed. No notifications of emails or messages, simply gives us a rating of one to ten with our level of stress. A very visual and clear way of knowing how we are at any moment to act correctly and not displease us more when something affects us.

Quantifying Stress

The clock uses a pulse sensor to monitor variations and provide a calculation of the amount of stress we have in the body at that time. The idea is good and the device quite simple, although it will be necessary to see how accurate the measurement is.

Aesthetically it has a metallic body and a belt that by the type of width that has must be universal. The screen is very basic, which makes us think that it will offer us a lot of autonomy. In addition to stress, it also serves as a quantifier to know how many steps we take each day and the calories we burn.

We will see if with such a niche proposal they manage to make a dent. At the moment they have raised $ 18,400 Canadian with the goal of reaching 250,000 in just over three weeks. The cheapest model amounts to 160 euros (shipping costs included). Everything indicates that if the campaign comes out well it will be marketed later at a price of 200 euros.

We’ll see if they get it, the idea is good but they are not the first to create a personal device designed to measure stress . As we said, being a product so specific will be complicated, not to mention get a figures similar to what is coming Pebble Time.