Decorate with Presidential Wall Clock

Perhaps by the sudden invasion of phones that already attract not only, but they do from the shopping list to your air conditioning temperature control. But it is a fact: the clocks are disappearing from our lives. We spend half of our time in front of a screen, whether mobile phone, computer or any other device, so that we no longer need to have a nice accessory that will tell us what day live on the wrist or on the wall and how much failure for the time in which we have been.That is why this is an article to vindicate the use of wall clocks, in this case in home decoration. Here you have four techniques to distribute these items for our House so that they meet both aesthetic and practical function:

Presidential clock

Simple style is to use only one clock in the room. But there are times that it is very soulless, to be a very clear, very empty wall… How do give you life? There is the option of accompanying the clock to any shelf or table but if we do not want to remove protagonism to our issuer of the time, the ideal is to choose one large presiding space. It is a highly original trend and personality will fill the room. And what about try to decorate with a clock… without a clock? Try canvases on this occasion.

Decorate with Presidential Wall Clock 1


Also provides very good results using different watches in a wall. If we use this technique on different walls of a single room, the effect can be very overwhelming and not aesthetic. Grouping watches of different style, shape, material or size online or in a harmonious disposition on a wall can be a very attractive environment. Some alternatives within this technique would be used same watches with the time adjusted to different time zones, as in travel agencies or the large press offices (this in a Home Office is very well) or also opt to combine desktop, rather than the wall clocks, lined up on a shelf.

Form watches

Another highly original effect is to form large watches with other elements, such as pictures or even smaller clocks. 12 elements can be used to mark each of the hours, or less. The final touch is a mechanism that operates the Central hands, which must be installed separately. This alternative is the most expensive in terms of Assembly, but it is a unique touch.

Decorate with Presidential Wall Clock 2

Original materials

Finally, you can let your imagination fly and opt for less conventional materials, such as vinyl decorative wall or even slate clocks, for the most creative, which will give new originality notes every day and have a changing and fun decoration for any age.

These are only four proposals. What empleáis you to decorate with watches?

As a bonus, you gift some curiosities about watches:

♦ The first mechanical clocks were built on the towers of the churches and monasteries to indicate the hours of prayer.

♦ The watch on the inside of the Cathedral of Sta. María de el Fiore in Florence is 24 hours, with the usual reverse rotation.

♦ The oldest clock that is known is a sundial which bears the name of the Pharaoh Thutmose III, and which has more than 3,400 years.

Decorate with Presidential Wall Clock 3

♦ The modern watches became popular during the first world war. In the trenches, was soldiers easier to look at a watch to one’s pocket.