Decoration with Vinyl Record – Photos
Decoration with Vinyl Record - Photos 1

There are those who still listen to music on vinyl records and look for a function to use them. For those who want to create something decorative, different, unusual and beautiful, we have selected some ideas and suggestions that can serve as inspiration for decorating rooms and residential environments.

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Wall Clock
Wall Clock 1

Wall clocks are a thing of the past. I am well aware that most people will always look at the time on the phone or wristwatch, however the clocks always bring more info for decoration. Are very super modern models for you to hang in the kitchen, living room, dining room or in the Office.

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Fun Wall Clock – the Art of Life
Fun Wall Clock - the Art of Life 1

PRODUCT – FUN CLOCK Theme:The Art of Life DESCRIPTION If you believe that the art of living is to make it a work of art, this fun wall clock is for you!Created with strong and vibrant colors, it will combine with any environment that shows joy and the will to live well!The decoration of your […]

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Do It Yourself:Wall Clock
Do It Yourself Wall Clock 2

Besides the watches are quite useful in our day to day, they give a great differentiated in the decoration. Check out our tips and make yourself a watch for your home

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Old Wall Clocks
Old Wall Clocks 1

People are increasingly seeking tips for decorating environments, often by not having the ability to pay a professional or even by wanting to do something more original using their own creativity.When the subject is decoration contrary to what many people think is not only the furniture that makes up the environment, it goes a lot […]

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Decorating Ideas with Wall Clocks
Decorating Ideas with Wall Clocks 1

The wall clock is a decorative object that can be present in several residential environments, such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallway, among others.Despite being classified as a classic element in the decoration, the wall clock is always being taken up to innovate the look of the houses. Walls decorated with a clock, analog or digital, are […]

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Decorative Wall Clocks
Decorative Wall Clocks 3

The decoration of a house is fundamental for the environment to become cozy, in addition to making it look wonderful. For those who still do not know the decoration of a house is composed of several important factors, but if the decoration were made only by accessories with unique function certainly in all residences would […]

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Wall Clocks, Models, Photos
Wall Clocks, Models, Photos 1

Formerly, a mandatory element in the houses and with few options to choose. The old wall clock of the houses, which until then was represented by the cuckoos that hourly announced the time, evolved into wall clocks that not only complement the environment, but also imprint the owner’s style into the house.

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Modern Wall Clocks – Pictures, Models
Modern Wall Clocks - Pictures, Models 1

Modern Wall Clocks – Pictures, Models All right wall clock is old thing but let’s agree that currently the wall clocks are full of styles, colors and personality to decorate any environment.The technology is advancing several levels with each passing day and it is clear that wall clocks could not stay out of this novelty.Thousands […]

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Decorated Wall Clocks – Models, Where to Buy
Decorated Wall Clocks - Models, Where to Buy 2

The decorated clocks were created to modernize the look of the rooms, adding to the ambience a dose of style and personality.The fact is that this accessory is no longer an instrument to inform the hours and now assumes an important role for the decoration of the environments.

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Wall Clocks for Kitchen
Wall Clocks for Kitchen 1

As in all kitchens that have a self-respecting cook, it is necessary to use wall clocks, either to mark the time that the food went to the stove, or just to decorate the environment, because in several stores in the Brazilian market , we can find a large variety of kitchen clocks, the products are […]

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Antique Watches – Where to Buy
Antique Watches - Where to Buy

Antique watches are pieces that continue to spark fascination in the area of ​​decoration, marking presence in different environments and reshaping the appearance of certain areas.Wall clocks are true classics that do not go out of style, especially the older models made of wood.

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Decorative Clocks That Innovate the Look of the House
Decorative Clocks That Innovate the Look of the House 1

Wall clocks are important accessories of a home.Usually, they stay in the kitchen and are well-functional when it comes to preparing food and keeping an eye on time.However, clocks are more and more different and with elaborate designs, which has made them leave the kitchen and occupy other environments in the house, or in the office.The […]

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How to Choose a Wedding Gift – Tips
How to Choose a Wedding Gift - Tips 1

You were invited to a wedding and were very happy, after all, your best friends will be happy with the love of your life. However, it is more difficult than choosing the clothes to go to the party is choosing the wedding gift .To do so, you must know the taste of the bride and groom, otherwise […]

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Kitnet Decoration:Tips, Ideas
Kitnet DecorationTips, Ideas 1

The villa in general is the safe haven of all the people and is usually very cozy when it is tidy and has the way and the tastes of each one. But sometimes you have to change to give your home a new face, and there are several simple ways to do that. Follow some […]

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Sony Clock Radio, Prices, Where to Buy
Sony Clock Radio, Prices, Where to Buy 1

Sony Clock Radio, Prices, Where to Buy It is no use to want to escape the daily routine that we have, every day we have to wake up at the same time, solve a thousand and one questions, we can not waste time or time.A fundamental ally of our day-to-day and the alarm clock can […]

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Fun Models of Watches
Fun Models of Watches 1

In order not to miss the time to get up, do not be late for that important meeting of the work or do not arrive after the beginning of the movie session, many people have already got used to checking the hours and using the alarms found on smartphones and tablets.

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Manufacture of a Mobile Contacts For a Clock Cam
Manufacture of a Mobile Contacts For a Clock Cam 1

This time I will describe the manufacture of a cam of mobile contacts for a Seiko analog digital watch, which had lost part of the original due to corrosion caused by a mild water inlet, fortunately the rest of the mechanism did not suffer more damage.

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